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8 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking Cannabis Edibles

Many marijuana growers and users fail to do enough research when cooking cannabis edibles.

And you wonder why your CBD edibles have zero effect. You can have CBD oil ready-made from the shop and still prepare low effect cannabis edibles.


There are common mistakes I bet you are repeating whenever you cook. Here are the most common errors and their solutions.


1 Cooking with Raw Cannabis

Raw cannabis needs activation to produce CBD or THC, which has psychoactive effects. Adding natural weed into your edible preparation will have produce no effect.


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Solution; You need to make cannabutter by heating oil with cannabis. The cannabinoids will bind with the lipid in the oil in a process called decarboxylation.


2 Using high Temperatures to Decarboxylate

If you set the wrong temperatures on the oven, decarboxylation might take long, or your cannabutter burns out.


Typically, you heat the oven to  120 Degrees or 245 Faradays, wait for 30 to 40 minutes as you mix the bud after every  10 minutes.


Even if you are tight on time, you need at least 10 to 18 minutes and focus on preparing cannabutter. The temperature should be 300 Faradays or 150 Degrees.


Solution:  Use a thermometer to check the temperatures at 160 Degrees or 200 Faradays when steeping cannabis in oil.


3 Failing to add water when making Cannabutter

Don’t worry about diluting the potency of the final product. THC will only bind with fat molecules from the oil.


Solution: Add an equal volume of water to the oil to prevent your cannabutter from burning.


4 Grinding Cannabis into a Powder

Over grinding your cannabis will reduce potency and flavor. Also, it will result in;

  • Make it hard for you to remove bad-tasting bud material from cannabutter.
  • Adding too much green- coloring matter to your oil.


Solution: Use a hand grinder to coarse grind your cannabis after it has decarboxylated.


5 Not paying attention to portion size.

Too much CBD in your cannabis edibles is risky. The effect may take longer, but overdosing can increase adverse side effects like paranoia or anxiety. Ready-made CBD gummies for pain can help reduce the anxiety if things get out of hand.

Again, too little may be safe for you, but the dose might not give the effects you want. Even if you eat as many edibles, the effect will take a while before it kicks in.


How do you the right portion size to use?

One way is through trial and error. Start with small portions, then increase the amount on your next preparation. Or better yet, order the best CBD edibles from near you and eat to determine the amount of CBD oil used so that you can cook yours with the same amount next time.


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Solution: Pay attention to the portion size for every mix you prepare and improve on it.


6 Not mixing cannabutter well enough.

You don’t want some cannabis edibles having more cannabinoids portion than others. Some CBD edibles kicking in effects faster than others is disappointing. If you are in pain, you may need CBD edibles for pain relied on taking effect quicker.

Before you use your cannabutter, test the potent to determine the quantities you used yield effects. Take ¼ teaspoon of the batch and add to a drink or food is an excellent way to taste the potency.


Solution: Stir well and evenly to get uniformly mixed cannabutter.


7 Improper squeezing of the weed infusion.

Don’t be tempted to squeeze your cannabutter that hard and not leaving any moisture in the plant matter. Using cheesecloth is often recommended, but it might not be the best way to strain the oil.

You can always search online on where to buy CBD oil and compare it with the one you make as you perfect how to make your own home-made.


Solution: Don’t squeeze with cheesecloth to get every drop of oil out. Let gravity do the rest by leaving it to strain naturally.


8 Careless seasonings

Adding other flavors or recipes may make or break cannabis edible. Everyone wants the cannabis aroma not to fade from the edibles.


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Solution: Ensure the extra seasonings do not change the cannabis aroma before you use them.



Through trial and error of others, cooking cannabis edibles has never been easy. Sometimes you need to follow a working script and make your own home-made CBD edible. Again you can always make an order for CBD edibles in Myrtle beach if your cooking fails.

Nevertheless, experimenting is also good. You get to come up with new recipes, cook, share with family and friends, and ask for their opinions. But ensure to avoid these common mistakes even when cooking cannabis edibles using a new recipe.

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