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Hemp is probably one of the most underestimated plants out there. People are prohibited to use it because it’s tagged as illegal, thus making it impossible for them to receive the benefits this awesome plant has to offer. While there’s a myriad of products out there (CBD gummies for joint pain relief and CBD oil for inflammation, to name a few), we deem it necessary to share some of the advantages of using hemp.


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Keep the Bad Vibes Away

Let’s start the list with ancient use of hemp plant and what Hemp is commonly known for: escaping reality or shooing away all negative juju. People started using Hemp for this purpose in 2723 BCE. They used it whenever they needed to distance themselves from the pains of reality and make themselves “happy.” Its ability to ease tension is one of the reasons why even in these modern times, a lot of people use CBD for stress relief and CBD tincture for chronic pain treatment. You’d be surprised at how may people have been raving about how effective these products are!


Something to Write On

Back in the day, people used wooden slips and silk cloths to make lists, records, and other things worth taking note of. These were quite pricey back then, that’s why people were immensely grateful when Ts’ai Lun, a Chinese court official, invented paper using Hemp. He started by crushing the fiber to form a paste. Once he had the consistency he needed, he tossed in the bark of a mulberry tree. He then added water and poured the mixture into a mold before letting it dry. By the time he was done, he already had paper sheets he could scribble words and numbers on.


Fabric for Clothes

In this day and age, clothes are the least item on the list of things most of us need to worry about. We can easily find clothes anywhere, and the best part is, we don’t need to burden ourselves with looking for items that are within our price range. This is good and all, but did you know that owning clothes was considered a luxury back in the day? It required going through an uber expensive process, so people resorted to weaving their own clothes using Hemp fibers.


Ancient Use of Hemp


The Hemp clothes were then passed on across cultures, traditions, and generations. One example of this is the Chinese people, who would wear clothes made from Hemp fabric whenever they’re in mourning. Another example worth noting is how Japanese Sumo wrestlers only wear Hemp whenever they’re in the ring. They have so much reverence for it, that it’s the only fabric that they allow themselves to wear during a wrestling match.


Ropes and Other Day-to-day Materials

According to anthropologists, the idea behind using Hemp fibers to make ropes is 290 centuries old. It was first used by Royal soldiers from Iceland who got sick and tired of using ropes that would easily rot or disintegrate the moment they’re exposed to water from the ocean. Hemp proved to be a sturdier option, so they used it in most of their ship functions. They also made sure they had huge bundles of this whenever they travel to make sure they don’t run out of supply.


Source of Food and Nutrition

Some people frown at the thought of eating Hemp, and that’s totally understandable. It isn’t exactly “attractive,” and the mere sight of it makes their throats itch. Perhaps the reason why it looks unattractive on the outside is so it can safely guard the gems stored inside.

Our ancestors knew about these “gems,” made included Hemp in their daily diet. They’d eat the seeds raw and use the flowers to make tea to receive all the fatty acids, proteins, and minerals the plant offers. Even animals benefit from Hemp, which explains why we have CBD dog treats for joint pain available in the market today.

There are so many things we can get from Hemp if we set aside our misconceptions about it. It has excellent medicinal benefits, which is part of the reason why there’s a lot of people have been asking where to buy CBD oil online.

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